NMC Online Results Release


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I think its high time the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana(NMC) actually change the mode of release of the licensing exams results.

With the increasing rate of technological advancement in Ghana, Africa and even worldwide, getting access to admission forms,course outlines,study materials,and even examination results has been made very easy.

As a nation, we have seen how the internet has made accessing results at the junior high, senior high and even tertiary levels hassle and stress free. Students and parents alike don't have to travel to their schools to check their results, all they need is a scratch card and internet via phone or computer.

I think the NMC can really pick a feather from WAEC's cap and pilot such a project for a period and see the rewards. This will go a long way to reduce the anxiety and stress of travelling to the school to check as well as reduce the strain on our pockets i.e. transportation fare and in some cases accommodation.

When the online results checking is introduced, students are conscientized and well prepared before going to the school and alleged acts of corruption on the part of "big wigs" at the NMC will be reduced.

This is just my opinion.